Special Awards

Brant Conron Special Award: Best in Show (Judges’ Choice)

Brant Conron was a skilled graphic artist with an incredible knowledge paint and colour. He was well known in the community and, for many years, decorated London Transit’s Christmas Bus. His interests in modelling were diverse, from cars to ships, tanks to aircraft. He was always ready to give help and advice.

Brant was an exceptional person, well regarded by everyone who knew him. He had many setbacks during his life which he bore with fortitude and a keen sense of humour. On his passing, the club lost a dear friend. A special judges’ choice award was created in his memory.

Eric Green Memorial Award: Best RAF Subject

Eric was a long-time member of the club, including many years as treasurer. An enthusiastic modeller who liked to do unusual subjects, Eric picked up many awards over the years. He was popular with his amusing stories of disasters when building and was well-versed in the histories of his subjects.

Eric was from England, had served in the RAF, and loved his RAF aircraft. On his passing, the club decided to honour Eric’s commitment to the chapter by introducing the Eric Green award.