Presentation Notes for Meeting – Sept. 13th 2017

We know we can recreate the 2016 show experience, but we’d much prefer to make 2018 much more fun for club members and attendees alike.

Some of the ways to do this:

  • start planning early
  • spread around the work
  • gather likes and dislikes from club members

This Meeting’s Objectives:

  • The hard work will begin in January but we want to identify the key roles this fall.
  • Looking for some fresh ideas and folks willing to make them a reality.


  1. We decided to give the show a more inclusive, aspirational name:
    • Southwestern Ontario Scale Model Expo
  2. We identified the following initial areas of responsibility (committees).
    • Show Chair or Co-Chairs (venue, contracts, furniture rental, admissions)
    • Chief Judge (contest categories, entry fee, entry forms, judging, awards, presentation)
    • Vendor Liaison (outreach, table rate, bookings, hall layout, arrival/departure, fee collection)
    • Sponsor Liaison (outreach, contest sponsorship, raffle prizes)
    • Marketing (websites, signs, flyers, other publicity)
    • Tech Support (photos, video, public address system)
  3. Ideation (gather ideas and discuss)
    • seating area for the award presentation
    • audio system
    • video recording
    • official photographer
    • snack bar
    • what else????


  1. September to December
    • venue booked (done)
    • identify theme (done)
    • create the initial flyer for fall shows (done)
    • website review (done)
    • review and streamline communications (email addresses, web forms)
    • identify show executive
    • collect names of other volunteers
    • gather and assess ideas
    • start executive conversations/meetings
    • develop individual team workplans
  2. January to April
    • identify team members
    • start work on team workplans
    • attend shows in the region and promote our show
    • attend clubs in the region and promote our show
  3. May to August